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View from the Vicarage

October 2014

From the day Betty Cox first arrived in the Parish Office eighteen years ago, her calm and methodical approach to life was brought to bear upon the many P's and Q's of our parish life. Whether it was dealing with People, Pastoral and Practical Problems (all requiring great Patience!) or Queries, Questions (and the Quite seriously bonkers matters) that come through the Parish Office, Betty would cope. It was not long before the Vicar (and many other people) when faced with a matter concerning the church such as 'where is...?' , or 'who does..?' or 'how can we..?' would find themselves saying, "Betty will know". As Betty steps down from her work as Parish Secretary, many have cause to be very grateful to her for all that she has done for the church and wider community over so many years.

Bob Cox (Betty's husband) set up and has maintained the parish church's website for more than a decade. He has also been the behind-the-scenes solver of all manner of computer problems - not only for the Parish Office, but for others as well. Thank you Bob and Betty for your help, support and service to others. You have shown us a fine example of community service.

Barbara Ward has had the role of the 'go-to' person for flower arranging if you were having a wedding in our church. For nearly two decades Barbara has met with anxious brides (and their even more anxious mothers) to discuss what will and will not work by way of decorating the church with flowers. A floral arch over the door in the North Porch has been a hallmark arrangement that Barbara (with the help of her grand -daughter Eleanor Ward) has produced to the delight of many.

At the end of this year's wedding season Barbara handed over this responsibility to Wendy Sarton of Dedham Hall. It is with great gratitude that I acknowledge here all that Barbara (and Eleanor) have done to help make Dedham so highly regarded for the high standard of its flowers in church.

It seems to me that we are relatively wealthy in Dedham because of the forms of service that people are willing to give to others. Christians in this community will want to thank God for His generosity to us through such service - and I trust will be moved in some way to emulate it.

Gerard Moate
Vicar & Lecturer

The Vicar
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