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View from the Vicarage

February 2015

Most of you know that the period of time between the departure of one vicar and the appointment of a new one (commonly called an interregnum) is a difficult, uncertain and sometimes lengthy process.

Inevitably, there will be a number of different people leading services and preaching during the coming months, although we have been very fortunate during recent weeks with the assistance of Canon Mervyn McKinney and the Revd Paul Southern which, hopefully will continue. In order to further emphasise consistency we have arranged that, during Lent, whoever is preaching, the sermons at each service will follow a regular expository framework taken from Mark’s gospel so that each week will follow on from the previous week. In this way, it is hoped that many will be helped by knowing what the sermon will be about even if a different person will be in the pulpit.

The choice of readings is being carefully chosen and will be listed in next month’s parish magazine. At the end of Lent we will consider what part of Scripture would be appropriate for the following months.

Dedham Church has a long history of serious expository preaching and we are anxious that this will continue throughout the interregnum and into the ministry of the new Vicar when appointed. We therefore hope this level of consistency will be appreciated by the regular congregation.

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