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Harvest Festival
Summer 2014

Sunday 5 October will be the Harvest Festival Family Service - and this will be followed by a 'Bring and Share' lunch in Church.

June 2014

Five children from the same family being baptised at the same service set something of a record for our parish church in May. Jasmine, George, Florence, Thomas and Henry Orrin were a credit to their parents, Mark and Louise, and a joy to welcome into the fellowship of the Church.

May 2014

Following the Passion for Life mission in Colchester, the Rev'd. Aella Gage and I plan to hold a short series of sessions using the Christianity Explored resources.

If you would be interested in finding out what is involved, please email me or phone the Parish Office (see our Contact page).

Dates will be chosen to suit the availbility of as many as possible who express an interest.

May 2014

Churchwardens At the Annual Parochial Church Meeting in April, Richard Hopkins and Quinlan Terry were confirmed as Churchwardens, with Be Burleigh and Suzanne Woods as Deputy Churchwardens.

Deanery Synod Brian Moore was elected to serve alongside Richard Hopkins on the Deanery Synod (and ex officio on PCC).

PCC Ruth Higginson and Antony Watson were elected to the PCC.

Thank you Gratitude was expressed to Chris Draper, Peter Glover, Sara Glover, and Ian Sutherland who had completed terms of office.

Stewards Those elected to serve for the coming year were: Peter Adams, Tony Blaxill, Nigel Everett,  Peter Glover, Sara Glover, Sally Gotelee, Frances Haynes, Maria Johnston, Graham Kitson, Rosemary Kleingeld, Bernard Lambert, Nigel Lambert, Lucy Marshall, Beth Mitchell, Liz Nickerson, Jason Partrick, Tim Sarson, Jill Strangward, Anthony Theodosius and Sue Vinter.

April 2014

Writing in this magazine, in June 2000, the Vicar wrote the following:

Some fifty years ago Canon Given-Wilson tried to prepare this parish for a serious loss. He said that Dedham should get ready 'to say goodbye to an old friend'. He was not referring to a person but to the horse chestnut tree which commands the attention of all who walk along the High Street. The horse chestnut is not a native British species, having been introduced at the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, a century after the building of our church.

To relieve the great weight the chestnut was 'crowned' in 1998. The effect of that has been to rejuvenate the venerable giant, which now has the most luxurious growth it has had in many a year. And all that weight (estimated at 170 tons) is on a very old frame. Its location against a collapsing wall can only mean that the future is, at the very best, uncertain. It remains my sad duty to have to repeat the warning given by my predecessor: we have get ready to 'say goodbye to an old friend'.

In February 2014 the PCC received a report from structural engineers who concluded that the strain on the retaining wall, and the metal plates that were put in more than thirty years ago to hold it in place, has greatly increased since it was last surveyed a few years ago. This means that, whatever the health of this ancient tree, there is a serious risk of the wall collapsing - which will inevitably put the tree (and people on the High Street) at risk. For this reason the PCC is very reluctantly applying for a faculty (Church planning permission) to take the tree down.

At the same time the next tree, a Dawn Redwood, can be seen to be pushing its roots under the Vicarage and there are signs of stress to the house as a consequence. This tree is only partially grown - if left in place it will 'top out' even higher than the church tower. This will put both the Vicarage and the church at risk. For this reason the PCC has also applied for a faculty for this tree to be taken down at the same time as the chestnut tree. There is never a good time to remove much-loved trees but the PCC has concluded that now is the right time to do what was first considered more than fifty years ago. The PCC is awaiting the decision of the Chancellor of the Diocese as to how and when to proceed.

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