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October 2015
Sally Gotelee writes:

When the Christmas decorations are put away at the beginning of January, I shall retire from co-ordinating the flower arranging at Dedham Church.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the time over twenty years, but it is time for a younger volunteer to come forward with energy and new ideas.

The flower arrangers and helpers could not be more generous and supportive - they are great to work with.

Following Wendy Sarton taking over from Barbara Ward organising the wedding flowers, we now need a new co-ordinator to replace me and support Wendy.

Please contact either Sally Gotelee on 322652 or the office on 322136 if you are interested.

Lilies in Memory
March 2015

Sally Gotelee writes
Thank you to everyone who gave lilies last year in memory of a relative or friend.

Anyone who would like to give some this year, please send your order to Sally Gotelee, Whalleys, Dedham Road, Stratford CO7 6AL.

The lilies will be 2 each, the same as last year, and the final date for ordering is Monday, 30th March

The Churchwardens write
March 2015

On 29 January, the PCC met with Colchester’s Bishop Roger, Archdeacon Annette and our Rural Dean, Guy Thorburn, at Dedham School.

Following this, the PCC held a meeting in the Vicarage on 3rd February when the Parish Profile in its final form was considered and unanimously approved. This has now been sent to the Dedham Ecclesiastical Trust (technically the patron of the living on this occasion). It has also been sent to the Bishop, Archdeacon and Rural Dean, requesting advice on the next move as the PCC wish to work together with the authorities for the appointment of a strong leadership in the form of a new vicar.

We will do out best to keep you all informed of any progress.

February 2015

The Churchwardens have decided that the Evening Prayer service will be suspended from March during the interregnum. This is due to insufficient support and lack of personnel to take the service. Apologies to those few members of the congregation who normally attend.

February 2015

The congregation at Dedham Church swelled to more than 270 people on Sunday 18 January to bid farewell to the vicar and lecturer, Dr Gerard Moate.

It was his last service, after two decades in the parish, before he becomes chaplain at Bloxham School.

In his sermon, the vicar drew a deft parallel between St Paul’s farewell to the people of Colosse (which he likened to Dedham) and his own hopes for the continued development of Christian fellowship in the parish. He described four phases of his ministry. The first was taken up with the repair of the church fabric and its environs. In the second, the emphasis was on extending relationships beyond the parish. The third focused on developing education and children. The final phase was about the past - his research into the difficulties faced by Dedham church in another age (a theme of his doctoral thesis). Then, after the loss of his wife Margarita, he had been helped to focus on future possibilities by the kindness of many of those present.

After the service, some 150 people attended the Assembly Rooms for a buffet lunch provided by parishioners and expertly organised by Be Burleigh, deputy churchwarden.

The vicar, flanked by his daughters, Heather and Lauren, listened to an extensive tribute to him and his family from Richard Hopkins, who, as a churchwarden, will have an important role in the choice of his successor.

Mr Hopkins praised the Vicar’s energy in helping to restore the Assembly Rooms. He spoke of the welcome that he and his family had received when they moved to the parish. Then, brushing aside repeated applause, he praised the vicar for his accommodating style of worship. Because of this inclusiveness, Mr Hopkins said he had not been obliged to worship elsewhere.

Parishioners contributed nearly 3,000 as a leaving present, for which the vicar says he is immensely grateful.

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